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Swarna Dwipa Bali Fire Emergency Relief

A week before Covid 19 was declared a Pandemic, fire totally destroyed 2 major buildings together with equipment and stock - vital parts of our infrastructure that supports underprivileged children and families in need in Bali.

Our health and education programs are already severely compromised by the fire and now with Covid 19 devastating our community’s health and jobs we desperately need your support.

So many families are now relying directly on our help. Please help by giving what you can.

Swarna Dwipa is a community centre for learning, meditation and healing, nestled in the river valley of Bona Village, Bali. It is a peaceful environment which inspires, nurtures and empowers - a place where people from all faiths and cultures come to study, practice meditation, take refuge and heal.

Supporting traditional
culture and the arts

Bali is a powerhouse of creativity. People can benefit greatly from the energy and inspiration shown by Balinese Artists. Balinese arts are dynamic, creative and rooted in the traditions of the land itself.

Nurturing the creativity of children is one of the aims of Swarna Dwipa. Children are the future. We support local young artists in traditional performance by providing costumes, music, lighting and the space to perform. They are vibrant, talented artists whose performances are of a very high standard, not easily found by tourists. Regular monthly events are part of the program at Swarna Dwipa.

Learning to heal

Through practises of Meditation, Yoga, Qi Gong and Massage, Swarna Dwipa offers educational and healing programmes to all people from abroad and locals alike.

At Swarna Dwipa we focus on healing the individual, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Here, people are given the opportunity to learn a deep understanding of our mind, our psyche and our relationship with the world around us. We can learn how to heal our past trauma and blockages that prevent us from discovering the depths of our true potentiality so we can live a truly fulfilling and meaningful life from a space of peace, contentment and freedom.

Helping the local community

One of Swarna Dwipa’s primary focuses is in supporting the local community. This is done by delivering financial assistance for health and education to families in need, as well as promoting environmental sustainability, and preserving cultural traditions.

Swarna Dwipa actively supports and encourages local rice farmers in the practice of traditional rice agriculture. Swarna Dwipa also supports local community projects concerning, irrigation, schools and public health - and is actively engaged in the promotion and preservation of authentic traditional Balinese culture.

Your kindness means so much

Swarna Dwipa is a charity project entirely funded by the kindness of people through regular donations. You can show your support by pledging your donation. Your contribution, big or small, will go a long way.

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