About Us

Swarna Dwipa is a community centre for learning, meditation and healing, nestled in the river valley of Bona Village, Bali. It is a peaceful environment which inspires, nurtures and empowers - a place where people from all faiths and cultures come to study, practice meditation, take refuge and heal.

Here's what our work supports

Children's Education

Children’s Education

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Community Health

Community Health

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Traditional Culture and Dance

Traditional Culture & Dance

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Providing a place of Refuge

Supporting Traditional Agriculture - Subak

Traditional Agriculture

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The people behind Swarna Dwipa Bali

The Swarna Dwipa Bali charity is run by Jero Mangku Budhi Dharma and Jero Wulan. They founded the organization in 2011. Since then, eighteen children have been given the opportunity to successfully complete their secondary school education. Six children have been supported successfully in their school education to Senior High school, with 10 more in junior schools Another two students graduated from university. The local village community is continuously supported by financial and material help for social and health needs.

Jero Mangku Budhi Dharma
Born in Australia, he is a Buddhist Lama (teacher) and Balinese priest and has lived in Bali for over fifteen years. There he gives meditation classes, discourse on Buddhist practise, offers one-to-one sessions and conducts Balinese ceremonies for both locals and people of other cultures and faiths. Through his late teacher from Bali, Jero Budhi has been connected to this place for over 30 years. Already during his professional career as an independent entrepreneur, he actively supported Swarna Dwipa Bali, took care of the maintenance and built it into the non-profit centre it is today. As a Buddhist teacher he has been teaching in Bali, Australia, Thailand, India, Spain, Ireland, Germany and America for over 20 years. In 2004, at the request of Balinese priests and his community, he accepted the role of Jero Mangku, a Balinese priest. Since then, he has dedicated his life to sharing his knowledge, preserving Balinese culture and helping others. Thanks to his deep understanding of the culture and community the donations received are spent in the most appropriate way to get the most benefit for people in need.
Jero Wulan Dari
Jero Wulan Has lived continuously in Bali for over 6 years. Previously Jero Wulan worked in the Communications Industry. Since first coming to Bali 23 years ago Jero Wulan has gained extensive experience working for different NGO’s supporting Disabled Balinese and Stroke Victims. Her role at Swarna Dwipa is day to day management of staff, all activities, guests and coordination of resources.

The local team at Swarnadwipa Bali

Yuti - Swarna Dwipa
Gusti Ayu Septiari
Known locally and fondly as Yuti, she has lived and worked at Swarna Dwipa since 1996. Presently she lives nearby. Her daughters are in Senior High School and University Entrance stages of Education. Yuti has been a tireless supporter as the Centre has evolved from a small collection of buildings to the level of a Pasraman. She has developed a special talent for managing the Kitchen and food preparation. Yuti is responsible for the daily offerings plus all major ceremonial events at Swarna Dwipa.
Desak - Swarna Dwipa
Desak Made Apriani
Desak began her time at Swarna Dwipa in 2011. “Sadek”, as we know her, is invaluable in housekeeping and assisting Yuti with her responsibilities. But it is not her only skill, she has an amazing ability to light up your day with infectious laughter and an innocence that is refreshing. She is an integral part of this centre. And is now married and a mother.
Ngakan and Made - Swarna Dwipa
Ngakan Ketut Suardika and Made Sudana
Both Ngakan and Made commenced full time work here at Swarna Dwipa in 2012. For three years prior to beginning full time they assisted in the construction of seven reinforced stone walls to stop landslides on the property. Ngakan and Made maintain the garden and buildings that make up Swarna Dwipa. They are very skilled in general maintenance and always open to learn more. They have developed unique ways to use irrigation water to keep the garden always flourishing. And both have an easy-going sense of humour and open hearted generosity.