Children’s Education

Currently, Swarna Dwipa directly supports 15 children with funding for their education. As current funds available are very limited, children are selected based on their ability and the financial difficulties of their families.


There are 4 levels of school in Indonesia:

SD or Primary School - is funded by the Government but children are still required to purchase uniforms and study materials separately, at their own cost.

Costs between IDR600,000 and IDR1,000,000

SMP or Junior high school. There are two levels of SMP schools: 1. Partially Government funded and 2. semi-private with very little Government funding. These schools vary in tuition fees and material expenses for students. Obviously the more academically successful schools are more expensive and entry to these is determined by students’ School results/Academic achievements.

Costs between IDR4,000,000 to over IDR10,000,000

SMK or Junior Technical High School - These run the same way as regular Junior High Schools but are more expensive. These schools also lead to Trades and Apprenticeship.

SMA or Senior High School. Not many students can afford to go to Senior school. These schools are entered according to scores achieved from a National Exam sat by all who wish to continue their education. This is followed by vocational guidance testing to stream students into professions according to their ability. This is an option. Students can get into the stream they wish to pursue by meeting the entry criteria and paying the fees.

Cost from IDR5,500,000 to over IDR15,000,000

Support us in supporting them

Swarna Dwipa is a charity project funded entirely by people's kindness, through regular donations. You can show your support by pledging a one-time or regular donation. Your generous contribution, big or small, will go a long way in supporting the local community.