Healing your Heart

Meditation and Healing Retreat
13-19 April 2020, Bali.

Our greatest obstacle to happiness and freedom is the pain we carry from the condition acquired from birth, and from life itself. The older we get, the further away from our heart we can become. This is a condition of pain or suffering known in Buddhism as Samsara. We miss the feeling of home, that secret place in our heart we have as a child. Secure and safe, enjoying all that we experience as new and exciting. Our own secret garden.

Through exploring the roots of the pain in our heart, we can begin clearing the concepts and misconceptions that we’ve learnt from birth, about our fabricated image of ourselves and the world. We will then start to rediscover the spontaneity and beauty of living in the moment.

Join us in Bali for this unique, transformative retreat designed for your personal wellbeing and healing.

Using simple, yet profound techniques taught during this retreat, you can learn to unravel the pain and confusion that resides within your heart and mind.


During this retreat you will learn how to use Qi Gong and Meditation as a solid foundation to be able to view yourself and the world around you through new eyes. You will visit sacred Temples where the energies are capable of transformation and healing. And you will also participate in ceremonies to actively purify your heart and mind. This retreat aims to give you a fresh view and valuable, practical tools to continue your journey of liberation.

In this week you will learn tools to approach your feelings and how to heal the hurt from past experiences. The powerful energies of the holy places you will visit and that of the retreat centre itself, will boost your healing process and grant you protection, long after you return home.


Swarna Dwipa Bali

The retreat will be held at Swarna Dwipa Bali, a unique place of learning and refuge, nestled in the tranquil valley of the sacred Pakerisan River. It is a special place for those seeking to transform their lives and heal. Both Swarna Dwipa and the island of Bali possesses a unique energy and vibrancy which is a powerful support for your personal journey.


This immersive, 7 day journey of healing and self-discovery has been designed for your own personal journey of transformation.

"I am very grateful for this experience! They are wonderful people... they have my deepest respect! For all that they do here in the world!" – Heike, Retreat Attendee

Here's what you'll learn and experience

Daily Qi Gong

Qi Gong (pronounced chee-gong) is an ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique that involves meditation, controlled breathing and movement exercises.

During this retreat you will learn a set of 14 powerful Qi Gong exercises for cultivating your healing energy and moving blockages through the development and circulation of Qi in your body.

These simple and powerful sequences can be practised when you return home. Notes will be provided.


Daily Meditation

Sitting Meditation is an essential practice for you to be able to heal your heart. You must be able to recognise the cause of your pain, so you can heal it.

During the retreat you will learn the fundamental form of all Meditation practises to cultivate mindfulness and awareness. It is simple and effective. You will be surprised at how easy it can be.

Additional instruction will be given on:

  • how to become mindful & aware (and what it is).
  • how to approach and open your feelings.
  • how to deal with the pain of your suffering in this life.
  • how to create the life you deserve through healing your heart.

Essence of Buddhism

Jero Budhi will present a simple, uncomplicated understanding on the fundamentals of Buddhism - Not about religion or fabricated intellectual concepts.

The aim is to help you understand how you create your own reality, how you can overcome the struggles in your life, and learning how to change your reality.

As you start to understand what is happening within, you will also begin to have compassion (Bodhicitta), to help yourself heal.


Personal Consultations

During the retreat, time will be available for you to have one-to-one consultations with Jero Mangku Budhi Dharma to guide you in your practise and advise you on specific points in application of the methods being learned.

In these consultations you can gain insight from an experienced teacher to help you address your own personal difficulties and receive personal guidance for your healing journey.


Learn About Balinese Spirituality

Learn about the essence of Balinese spirituality. For Balinese it is very important to practise appreciation of every aspect of the phenomena that makes up our physical world. That which we can experience with our ordinary senses and that which is unseen but always present on an energetic level.

You will learn about Bhakti Yoga - a fundamental practice that is integral to the Balinese way of life, which is practised as a path to freedom.

Understanding Balinese spiritualty will give you new insight into your relationship with yourself and the world around you. Through this you can begin to experience a transformative depth of humility and gratitude that brings a sense of peace, harmony and balance within.


Making Balinese Offerings

Over the course of an afternoon you will learn how to make some of the beautiful Balinese offerings for ceremony and temples and you will learn what they represent.

Making offerings with flowers, food and incense is always done with joy and laughter.

It is an important practise of Bhakti Yoga and helps to diminish the overbearing weight of our ego. It is an integral part of the Balinese way of devotion, dedication and appreciation.


Profound Temple Visits

No visit to Bali is complete until you visit a Temple, also called a Pura. On your retreat you will visit several profound temples.

Pura Dalem Jelantik: This is an important Temple for the community that is local to Swarna Dwipa. It is well known in Bali for asking for protection and healing.

Pura Tirta Empul: Take part in a traditional bathing ritual in one of Bali's famous holy springs to purify your body, speech and mind. This temple gives the opportunity to make heartfelt wishes for your personal healing.


Purification & Healing Ceremony

To support the healing process, you will be invited to take part in one of the most profound Balinese healing and purification ceremonies at Swarna Dwipa. The purpose of this ceremony to clear your path of all obstacles related to past actions and conditioned mind.

This ceremony is from the original Siwa Buda traditions and is still offered today. It is practised the same way as when Balinese spirituality first arrived with the traditions of the Majapahit culture. It has roots in original Siwa Buda and Buddhist practises.


Visit and Experience a Local Market

As part of traditional Balinese culture you will be required to wear a sarong and a sash when attending Balinese ceremonies and temple visits. We will help you purchase these at the local market.

For women, a traditional Balinese sarong, sash and kebaya (a kebaya is traditionally worn by women only), for men a traditional Balinese sarong, sash and simple white shirt or t-shirt.

Have fun! Enjoy walking around and experience the people, sights and sounds of a traditional Balinese market.


Traditional Dance Performance

At the end of the retreat, after the final class, there will be an evening performance of Traditional Dance followed by dinner. This evening celebration will mark the completion of your retreat - a colourful and fitting way for you to begin your new life.


About The Teacher

Jero Mangku Budhi Dharma, originally from Australia, is a Buddhist Lama (Teacher) and Balinese Priest. He has been giving meditation courses, spiritual talks and teachings for more than 16 years at the request of his teachers. He has a profound understanding of the Dharma and a natural ability to transmit its meaning in a simple uncomplicated and often humorous way. He has taught in America, India, Spain, Ireland, Thailand, Australia, Germany and of course his home: Bali.

Jero Budhi was originally a Buddhist teacher and accepted the role of a Balinese priest (a Jero Mangku) 11 years ago at the request of Balinese High Priests and other Mangkus, as well as the community he lives in. Jero Budhi resides with his wife, Jero Wulan, in a small village and actively participates in and supports the Balinese culture and spirituality. He dedicates his life sharing wisdom and knowledge and helping people to discover their true uncomplicated nature through compassion and loving kindness.

"With all his experience, profound wisdom and endless compassion Jero Budhi shows people the way to their hearts - the place where all buried feelings and painful patterns can be uncovered and healed." – Sandra, Meditation Student

Accommodation - Yoga Amertham Resort


During the retreat, you'll be staying at the Yoga Amertham Resort, situated 2 km away from the Retreat Centre. Daily transport will be provided to and from the hotel.



Superior Twin Room River View (1 person per room)

  • Daily Breakfast Included
  • River view
  • 35 m²/377 ft²
  • Balcony/terrace
  • 2 Single Beds
  • Air conditioning
  • Mini bar
  • Refrigerator
  • Cable/satelite television
  • Free Wi-Fi in all rooms
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Writing desk
  • Seating area


What's Available at Yoga Amertham Resort

  • Bar
  • Sauna
  • Massage & spa
  • Sun beds
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Restaurant
  • Concierge
  • Laundry service
  • Room service
  • Wi-Fi in public areas
  • Parking area
  • Garden

"My time in Swarna Dwipa with Jero Budhi was so precious, rewarding and memorable. I am so thankful for all that I was privileged to take with me. Jero is so loving, honest and genuine. He brought me closer to myself and each conversation had a personal gift for me. The trips to the temples were unique and I'm looking forward to see Jero again!"
– Xenia, Meditation Student

Cost & Schedule


The total cost of the retreat is $980 USD


Monday, 13 April to Sunday, 19 April 2020.

The length of the complete healing retreat programme is 7 days/7 nights.

You will check into Yoga Amertham Resort on Sunday 12 April, and check out on Monday morning 20 April.

(Places are limited to 10 participants so please book early to avoid disappointment.)

What's Included?

  • 8 Nights accommodation at Yoga Amertham Resort (Check-out on 20 April)
  • Twin Bedroom - with en-suite Bathroom
  • Airport transfer to and from Yoga Amertham Resort (Please confirm flight details prior to departure)
  • All meals* (allergies catered for)
  • Water, tea and coffee
  • Transport to and from retreat activities
  • All retreat classes and activities:
    • Daily Meditation Instruction and Practice
    • Daily Qi Gong Instruction and Practice
    • Essence of Buddhism Teachings
    • Personal Consultations
    • Teachings on Balinese Spirituality
    • Learn how to Make Balinese Offerings
    • Temple Visits Admission
    • Purification & Healing Ceremony
    • Local Market Excursion
    • Traditional Dance Performance

What's Not Included?

  • Travel costs to Bali and back
  • Airport transfer to and from any destination other than Yoga Amertham Resort
  • Buying traditional Balinese clothes at the market
  • Travel Insurance
  • *When we are out at the market or the temples, you will need to buy your own lunch and refreshments

Full Payment Online

$ 980 USD One-time Payment Online

  • Convenient online payment.
    Pay once, No more to pay.

Bank Transfer Payment

$ 300–980 USD Pay via Bank Transfer

  • Pay deposit or installments via Bank Transfer

"Through Jero Budhi's teachings, I learned how to focus and look deeply and honestly within my own heart. I am now so much clearer on my patterned behaviors, my deep feelings, and my path going forward."

– Arielle, Meditation Student

"There is no made-up fancy method. There are teachings and tools that have been applied for hundreds and thousands of years. And it feels very good to see that these ancient tools worked for so many people and also work for me."

– Sabine, Meditation Student

"This makes me feel freer, more self-aware, motivated and more curious about my life again.

I have to take good care of myself and I want to do this."

– Beate, Retreat Attendee

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