Providing a Place of Refuge

We all know too well, life has many challenges and sometimes it can become overwhelming.

Swarna Dwipa provides a place of temporary refuge for disadvantaged people in social, psychological or economic crisis. Local people can come to the centre and stay free of charge and are treated like family. It is a space where they can work through their difficulties without judgement. We provide food and drink and a bed for people, who for many reasons, cannot be at home.

Locals are extremely respectful and feel embarrassed to come and ask for help but the results have been profound.

For example, a young man, Agus, from East Java – who has a malformed foot and uses crutches to get around – had to leave his family as they would not accept him in their compound. He found his way to the local village in our community and some people suggested he look for work with us. While we couldn’t pay him, we gave him a bed, food and respect.He started to help with cleaning and gradually he opened up about the difficulties he was experiencing in his life. After some months’ he looked refreshed and said he felt renewed. Agus had regained his self-respect and dignity.

He eventually decided to go to Denpasar, the capital of Bali. 6 months later he came back to visit, bringing food. He was now working in a job, cleaning at a small business. Again, 6 months later he returned with a new wife. He was so happy. Agus still comes to visit from time-to-time, with his new family and says he will never forget the kindness he received, and looks to pay this kindness forward every day.

We also have foreigners come to seek refuge or a means for change in their lives, especially women and men who have had difficulty in relationships or suffered abuse. Recently a man from Germany came, seeking to change his life. He was suffering from experiencing a great deal of fear in his life. He left refreshed with new insights and a way forward. These are but a few examples among many.

Support us in supporting them

Swarna Dwipa is a charity project funded entirely by people's kindness, through regular donations. You can show your support by pledging a one-time or regular donation. Your generous contribution, big or small, will go a long way in supporting the local community.