Traditional Culture and Dance

Balinese Culture is unique. The very foundation of the arts in Bali is being assaulted by lifestyle changes of the Balinese. Things are changing due to tourism, urbanisation and the impact of technology. While some modernisation is inevitable, the Traditional Culture and Arts needs to be reinforced, maintained and sustained.

At Swarna Dwipa we run regular evening performances of Traditional Dance where young people perform for both foreigners and the local community. We also actively participate in a local Arts studio supporting Traditional Dance and Music performance and education. This studio now has 600+ students. It began with 25.

By making the arts accessible and allowing technical innovations, more and more young musicians and dancers are finding it fun to pursue tradition. They are less addicted to social media or use it to communicate about their latest performances.

Support us in supporting them

Swarna Dwipa is a charity project funded entirely by people's kindness, through regular donations. You can show your support by pledging a one-time or regular donation. Your generous contribution, big or small, will go a long way in supporting the local community.